Theo's Greek Tavern Menu 



Traditonal House Made Greek Dips


Tarama - 9.5
Caviar Dip


Tzatziki - 9.5
Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil


Tyroktipiti - 9.5
Fetta cheese, red capsicum, yoghurt and olive oil


Skordalia - 9.5
Potato dip with vinegar and olive oil


Mixed Dips - 17.5
A combination of our house-made dips





Baked Fetta - 15.5
Slices of fetta cheese and fresh tomato, baked with kalamatta olives and roasted peppers


Dolmades - 12.5
Traditonal Greek vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs


Spanakopita - 13.5
Traditonal Greek filo pastry stuffed with our special spinach and fetta mix


Keftedakia - 13.5
Mini meatballs served in red sauce


Yiganthes - 12.5
Butter Beans baked in fresh tomato and olive oil, with garlic, herbs and onion


Saganaki - 15.5
Fried Greek Imported Kefalograviera


Charcoaled Octopus - 16.5
Fresh octopus char-grilled and served with vinagarette


Pickled Octopus - 16.5
Fresh poached octopus in our house marinade


Fried Zucchini - 13.5
Zucchini coated in flour then pan fried in olive oil


Fried Eggplant - 13.5
Eggplant coated in flour then pan fried in olive oil


Loukaniko - 13.5
Grilled Traditonal Greek sauasage


Mydia Saganaki - 15.5
Mussels cooked with white wine and fetta cheese in our red sauce


Marida - 13.5
Traditional Greek white bait dish, fried in olive oil


Marinated Peppers - 12.5
Charcoal peppers marinated with olive oil, vinegar, oregano and garlic


Spetsofai - 15.5
Greek loukaniko cooked with onions and green capsicum in white wine and our red sauce




Vegetarian Dish


- 23.5
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, served with our red sauce


Kreatika - Meat Dishes


Moussaka - 28.5
Layers of baked eggplant, potato, and minced meat topped with bechamel sauce and served with our red sauce


Kleftiko (seasonal) - 20.5
Slow-cooked goat meat served in a clay pot with potatos and herbs


Lamb Cutlets - 32.5
Char-grilled lamb cutlets


Theo's Biftekia Special - 29.5
Grilled beef mince rissoles stuffed with our spinach and fetta mix and roasted capsicum


Stuffed Chicken Breast - 29.5
Chicken Breast stuffed with our spinach and fetta mix and char-grilled


Meat Balls With Rice - 28.5
House-made meatballs cooked in our red sauce and served with rice


Porterhouse Steak - 33.5
Char-grilled Porterhouse steak grilled to your liking


Souvlaki Lamb - 29.5
Marinated Lamb skewered and char-grilled


Souvlaki Chicken - 29.5
Marinated Chicken Breast skewered and char-grilled


Gyros - 29.5
Traditonal Greek slow-cooked lamb shaved from the spit


Ortikia - 28.5
Char-grilled quail


Biftekia - 28.5
Traditonal Greek grilled beef rissoles


Thalassina/Seafood Dishes


Rockling - 30.5
Grilled fresh rockling fillet topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Blue Eye - 30.5
Grilled fresh blue-eye fillet topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Snapper - 30.5
Whole fresh snapper char-grilled and topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Flounder - 30.5

Whole fresh Flounder char-grilled and topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Charcoal Prawns - 33.5
King Prawns char-grilled and topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Saganaki Prawns - 33.5
King Prawns cooked with fetta cheese in white wine and our red-sauce


Garlic Prawns - 33.5
King Prawns in traditional creamy garlic sauce  served with rice


Charcoal Calamari - 33.5
Char-grilled fresh calamari topped with olive oil and lemon juice


Fried Calamari  - 31.5
Fresh han-cut calamari, lightly fried



Kids Meals - All served with chips - 16.5


Fried Calamari

Fillet of fish

Chicken Souvlaki




Meat Platter for Two - 62.5
Includes lamb souvlaki skewers, lamb cutlets, rissoles (biftekia) and gyros


Seafood Platter for Two - 66.5
Includes fresh fish fillet, prawns, mussels, fried calamari and whitebait




Minimum 2 people, 48 per person

Greek Banquet, Theo's style, starting with our house-made dips and bread, pickled octopus and saganaki, fresh seafood and meat from the grill for mains accompanied by Greek Salad, and finishing with our house sweets and coffee. 






Greek Salad - 14.5
Traditonal Greek Salad with tomato, cucumber, fetta cheese and olives topped with oregano


Lahanosalata - 14.5
Cabbage salad with olive oil and lemon


Horta - 12.5
Traditonal Greek greens blanched and served with olive oil and lemon


Potatoes - 9.5
Greek Style baked potatoes with garlic and lemon


Fries - 8.5





Loukoumia - 8.5
Sweet jellied rose-water candy


Baklava - 8.5
Peanuts, spiced walnut and almonds wrapped in filo pastry and soaked in honey syrup


Galaktoboureko - 8.5
Traditonal Greek baked custard in filo pastry


Halva - 7.5
Traditonal Greek cold pudding made from crushed sesame seeds


NB: Allergen Advice -
All of our desserts may contain peanuts or traces of peanuts